Green Track - Green Cup Challenge 2012

"One Switch at a Time" 
April, 2012
by Max Marcellus and Dominique Elbourne
featuring students Victor Crispin, Ravinder Kumar, Coumba Ndiaye, and Awa Sow 
Winner of the Video Challenge for the 2012 "Green Cup Challenge"!
"Million Trees Training in NYC" 
September, 2011
Edited by Max Marcellus 
Footage provided by the Million Trees Training Program

NYC High School Solar Project

by Morgan Robinson (not a MC student)
February, 2011

Urban Youth As We Understand

by Luna Lin 
February, 2011

High School Energy Auditors

by Luna Lin  
December, 2010

Green Track - Our Solar Future!

by Richard Mendoza, Darrick Smith, Maimouna Dieye, and Nicolas Marulanda
April, 2010


YOUth and the green movement

by Maimouna Dieye, Marietou Haidara, Lauren Forestier, Nicolas Marulanda, Richard Mendoza, Alex Nordlund, Darrick Smith
February, 2010
February, 2010