green track
Preparing students for a global green economy, career exploration, and social action.

Fridays, 10am-2pm
THE FALL GREEN TRACK SESSION WILL BEGIN ON FRIDAY,  September 28th. The class will focus on "sustainable cities".
As a participant in the Green Track class you will receive:
    - one elective credit on your transcript
    - exposure to careers in sustainability
    - guaranteed slots on multiple field trips 
This fall, field trips projects will include:  Invasive species removal with the NYC Parks Department, marine science on the Hudson River, building retrofitting in the Bronx, and energy auditing in the community.
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Nobody is guaranteed an internship... it is something you earn. In order to obtain in a Green Track internship, you must:
- have good attendance in school
- demonstrate reliability and punctuality
- be available to work at least one full day per week.
If you interested in making money while helping the environment, speak to Arlae in the Student Life Center.

Current internships available in  natural resource restoration, bicycle maintenance, gardening, customer service, environmental education,  animal care/conservation, marine science, healthy food/lifestly advocacy, and more.
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